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Stream at any time and from any part of the world!
Already from the first month, many of our talented streamers start earning $500
Welcome to Plamfy!
Stream whenever it is convenient and from anywhere!
Free Schedule
Monthly targets. Weekly payouts.
Improved bonus system for official streamers
All you need is:
Fast and stable internet connection.
Smartphone or PC
• Older than 18 years;
• You are good at using a smartphone
• You have experience in streaming applications (for example, Tango, SuperLive, Bigo)
• You have good communication skills
• Basic knowledge of English is sufficient (A1)
• You have "burning eyes" and you want to earn on your talents, working for 2-3 hours a day in any convenient place.
We are looking for you, if you are
Become an official streamer:
Install the Plamfy application and register
Fill the form ➡️ become a streamer

After that, the administration of Plamfy will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation!
We need professionals to help us develop the best streaming community.
If this is about you - write to us!
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official agent:
Popular questions
  • What is streaming, what should you do?
    The main task of any streamer is to conduct live broadcasts.
    During the stream, you can dance, communicate with the audience, sing, and do what brings you pleasure.
  • My English is bad - is this a problem?
    Profit depends on the quantity and quality of your streams.
    Our progressive scale of bonuses and contests for official streamers will help you earn $500+ from the first months of cooperation.
  • What is needed to start work?
    To begin with, you will need a smartphone or PC, a neat appearance, light make-up, and a pleasant background.
    Additionally, a phone holder and directional lighting can be useful.
  • How can I withdraw money?
    We have implemented individual withdrawal of funds in USDT/EUR/USD.
    Official streamers will receive detailed instructions on withdrawing money.
  • Do you work with the whole World?
    We can cooperate with you if you are in the following countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Latin America, MENA, and Eastern Europe.
  • What is the internal currency at Plamfy?
    Diamond and Coin. Ratio 💎 150 = $1.
    The minimum withdrawal is $50.
  • Do I have to work every day?
    You will have a free schedule, but we will tell you exactly when it is better and more productive to go live.
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